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Things I need to see in life:
Patrick Stump voice acting for an animated film

More like: Patrick Stump voice acting as the next Disney prince

For me, it’s like playing the same instrument but in a different context. TV work – it’s really about getting it just right. You have a chance to try again if it’s not. Theatre is like playing a rock show. It doesn’t really matter if you make a tiny mistake. It’s the whole vibe and getting people to feel you. It’s about carrying the moment through all the way with you in an hour and 20 minutes of the narrative.

For each medium, the instruments are different but kind of the same. I have this goal of really having your lines down to the point where you can blurt them out, skipping rope on acid – but I am not on acid. You need to know them in your body almost, it makes spontaneity kind of easier. In terms of character, I think everybody approaches it differently. I just absorb life.      — Evelyne Brochu

Johnnie Phelps, a woman sergeant in the army, thought, “There was a tolerance for lesbianism if they needed you. The battalion I was in was probably about ninety-seven percent lesbian.”
Sergeant Phelps worked for General Eisenhower. Four decades after Eisenhower had defeated the Axis powers, Phelps recalled an extraordinary event. One day, the general told her, “I’m giving you an order to ferret those lesbians out. We’re going to get rid of them.”
“I looked at him and then I looked at his secretary who was standing next to me, and I said, ‘Well, sir, if the general pleases, sir, I’ll be happy to do this investigation for you. But you have to know that the first name on the list will be mine.’ “
“And he was kind of taken aback a bit. And then this women standing next to me said, ‘Sir, if the General pleases, you must be aware that Sergeant Phelp’s name may be second, but mine will be first.”
“Then I looked at him, and said, ‘Sir, you’re right. They’re lesbians in the WAC battalion. And if the general is prepared to replace all the file clerks, all the section commanders, all the drivers-every woman in the WAC detachment-and there were about nine hundred and eighty something of us-then I’ll be happy to make that list. But I think the general should be aware that among those women are the most highly decorated women in the war. There have been no cases of illegal pregnancy. There have been no cases of AWOL. There have been no cases of misconduct. And as a matter of fact, every six months since we’ve been here, the general has awarded us a commendation for meritorious conduct.”
“And he said, ‘Forget the order.’”

The Gay Metropolis, page 47, Charles Kaiser (via bibliothekara)

Phelps tells this story herself in the excellent 1984 documentary Before Stonewall, which you can watch in its entirety on YouTube (she’s at 19:30, but really, watch the whole thing):

(via theodoradove)

Video game store makes the most of their broken shutters. 

Video game store makes the most of their broken shutters. 

I'd ice-skated before, because I'm Canadian and that's what you do as a kid, but I'd never, ever been on quad skates. So I trained for three months with a derby trainer. I actually never got badly injured — I'm tough as frickin' nails. And people who never played a sport in their life do this!” - [Ellen Page on training for Whip It]
  • 70th season of Orphan Black: Maybe Beth's still alive!!!

Queen of Cameras 


when a character in a movie or book says the title in conversation




a magician asks you to pick a card - any card, in fact. you do. they ask you to put the card back in the pack - anywhere in the pack, in fact. you do. they walk away. ten years later, your wife gives birth to the six of clubs. “is this your card?” the midwife asks, in a familiar voice.

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this is literally the greatest subtitling job that has ever been done. someone learned how to speak cat.

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another day, another reason to love cats.

You remember where the heart is? (Game of Thrones Season 4)

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